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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's been a while, eh?

Wow, I didn't realize the last time I posted was mid November...I guess life has been busy!  It's been flying by! 
In sales news:  I was in my first craft fair last weekend!  It was just a small one...not a whole lot of people came through, but I did manage to sell some pendants and quite a few sets of I'm happy with my first show!  And now I'm feeling a bit more confident for a bigger was a good small one to get my feet wet!

I'm also working on a couple custom orders for friends at the moment...they will be xmas presents for various family members.  That is going well, but slowly!  Winter is definitely not a friend to resin workers!  The resin takes a LOT longer to set when it is cold...and I work in an unheated some of my items have not set at all...even with the little space heater I bought.

Because of the cold weather resin difficulties, I'm branching out a bit to other materials.  I recently got some sterling silver wire, and made what I think are a fabulous pair of earrings with some jasper beads!

 I've also started felting a little bit (inspired by a fabulous felted pouch I got from a fellow Dlister - thanks Fiberpuppy!!)  I've made a set of felted drink tags, and some felted earrings (that I can't bear to part with I love them so much!)

So, perhaps felted and beaded items will be my winter stock, and resin will be the summer stock!

I'm not picky...I just really enjoy the creating!!!  And always having something slightly new is just fine with husband keeps telling me how proud/amazed he is that I've lasted this long with the resin...usually I go through bouts of activity and then lose interest...or rather my interest gets diverted to a new project.  But I gotta say, I don't feel that happening anytime soon with this one!  I think partly because every pendant/set of earrings/etc. is something slightly new and different each time!

If I don't post again before Christmas, have a very merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you all the best in the new year!