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Monday, March 29, 2010


so just a riding a little high at the moment and have to share!  Handmade MN is having a spring market (read craft show) at the VFW (because how awesome is a craft show at a VFW!?!?!?) on Lyndale on May 8 (just in time for mother's day!) and as such we have been busy contacting newspapers and magazines to try to get the word out.  One of these is Metro Monthly, and the guy running the story chose just a couple artists from our group to take photos of our wares for the article.  I was one of the chosen few!!!  I'm feeling pretty excited!  Etsy can be such a hard place to advertise given the incredibly high volume of sellers (particularly jewelry sellers) so it's nice to get outside recognition that people think what I'm doing is cool enough to take pictures of for a magazine article.  So I'm feeling a little giddy with excitement...although that giddy feeling may be just because I'm a little high off the resin fumes...production has begun again now that the warm weather has returned!

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