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Friday, January 29, 2010

fashion statement

I'm a groomsmen (that's right...groomsmen! yay!) in my brother's wedding this summer.  And it was decided that I would wear a black version of the bridesmaid dress (which is actually super duper cute...go figure!).  I had a dress fitting this morning...and lucky enough for me the dress shop is only 5 blocks from my house.  So I, of course, just walked to the appointment this morning.
But, this is Minnesota.  It is winter.  It is 3F, -9F with windchill (-16C/-23C for all the non-americans and scientists) outside.  It is cold, but it is sunny...aka it's-not-as-frickin'-freezing-as-last-night-walking-to-my-car-after-work-where-my-nose-hairs-froze-within-30-seconds-of-being-outside.  So, like any good Minnesotan (nee Canadian), I wore thick wool socks this morning for the walk. Let me tell ya...nothin' says sexy like a cute knee length dress and wool socks.

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